Social Media Optimization

Department: Digital Marketing & Content

Post: 1 | Experience: 6 Month to 1 Year

Your responsibilities

  • Will be responsible for monitoring and handling social media channels
  • Produce content for social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest, Linkedin
  • Ensure you produce a consistent brand message across all the social media channels
  • Knowledge of sem, ppc, smm.
  • Optimizing content for publication across various social media sites.
  • Monitoring users' engagement with and feedback on every post.
  • Analyzing and reporting on the effects of publications
  • Creating written pieces that are sharp, memorable, and effective at prompting readers to take action
  • In-depth understanding of the processes surrounding the creation and distribution of paid advertisements.
  • Exploring the potential value of social media sites that are not yet in our repertoire.
  • Maintaining a secure database of all login credentials
  • Remaining abreast of changes to all pertinent social media applications.
  • Assist with the planning of marketing strategies to help drive traffic and engagement to the website
  • Engage with social media users and respond to any mentions

Our requirement

  • Expert knowledge of all leading social media sites, including their algorithms.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills.
  • The ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • The ability to handle multiple projects concurrently.